2009  With the introduction of the brand-new line "bugatti shoes woman" placed with selected retailers AstorMueller underlines once more its claim to leadership.
2008  Long-term extension of the bugatti license. introduction of the sporty line "bugatti shoes denim"; in spite of the difficult economic environment bugatti shoes denim soon belong among the top sellers.
2007  introduction of the product line „bugatti shoes casual“. The own brands “AM Shoe Company” and “AM Sports“ are sold and AstorMueller is now able to concentrate exclusively on the international brand licenses. Yearly sales increases up to  40% are achieved.
2003  Foundation of the strategic business unit „TM SPORTS“ to meet the mega trend sports-fashion; as a result it takes on the HEAD license for casual footwear. 
2002  Development of the shop-in shop-systems with own partners. The wholly-owned factory in Tunisia is sold; from now on the AstorMueller group focuses itself on development and distribution throughout Europe.
2001  The AstorMueller group is already employing 450 people; production takes place in three European locations as well as in Vietnam and India to German quality standards.
2000  With the turn of the millennium the license for bugatti shoes is acquired; for this the company bugatti shoes gmbh is consequently formed.
1999  Formation of astormüller AG; move to Switzerland – Tim Torsten Müller thus masters the balancing act between the need  to be close to the Italian development centre without being too far removed from the core market Germany.
1998  A new faster collection rhythm starts. Together with his Italian development team Tim Torsten Müller presents from this time on from six to eight collections on the market every year and reacts therefore – long before his competitors – to the clearly formulated needs of the trade.
1995  Tim Torsten Müller concentrates as much as possible on product development; construction of own factory in Tunisia.
1993  Move to offices belonging to the company in the industrial zone of the shoe metropolis of Pirmasens (Rhineland-Palatinate).
1990  Change of the agency into the distribution organisation "AM Company" as well as  setting up their own Development Centre in Italy.
1984  Tim Torsten Müller began his professional career as a business trainee in the family enterprise.
1975  Faithful to the family tradition, his son, Hans Müller, walked in the professional footsteps of his father. Thus, between 1950 and 1975, he was working – very successfully – as a full buyer for the companies Karstadt, Leiser and GEB. Using the background of this experience Hans Müller and his wife Britta in 1975 founded their own shoe agency. In the main, Italian as well as Portuguese collections were developed and represented. 
1928  The grandfather of today's owner, Johann Müller, founded the „Manufacture Johann Müller for handcrafted shoes“ in Schwelm (Westphalia). “Müller´s” shoes soon became the epitome of high grade footwear, produced with traditional, old craftsmanship.

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